Recent Work:

NINEVEH: Series Proof of Concept

**UPDATE APRIL 2023: Filming has successfully wrapped on the Proof of Concept.

Now in post-production.

I am the director/writer/producer of the new LGBTQ web series, Metanoia (2020-2022)

What started as my thesis film in college, turned into a full web series, winning several film festival accolades and garnering a dedicated online following across Youtube and social media.

After a pandemic hiatus, the final episodes were released in December 2022, wrapping up the four part mini-series.

Personal and sexual identities collide and coalesce in the lives of three college juniors.



Festival Accolades

Metanoia won Best LGBTQ film at the LA Film Festival and screened at LA Live in Sept. 2022.

Metanoia won Excellence in a TV Series at the Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Metanoia won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the September 2020 Indie Short Fest.


Metanoia won the Gold Award in the July 2020 Independent Shorts Awards

as well as receiving Honorable Mentions for Best Actress- Gabrielle Reublin, 

Best Supporting Actress- Moriah Sittner, and Best Ensemble.

Metanoia made the Official Selection in the September 2020 Los Angeles Lift-Off Festival and screened on their Vimeo On-Demand for a week in 2020.

Metanoia was a Semi-Finalist in the jellyFEST Film Festival.

Metanoia was a Semi-Finalist at the 2021 Blow-Up International Arthouse Filmfest.

Metanoia was awarded Exceptional Merit at the 2021 Depth of Field International Film Festival.

Metanoia made Official Selection at the Toronto International Women's Film Festival.

Metanoia made Official Selection at the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival 

with final award announcements coming soon!

Metanoia made Official Selection at the Chicago Indie Film Awards.